No Paper without skilled, heatlhy and safe people-Presentations and photos

Launch Conference of the joint CEPI-EMCEF Guide of good Health & Safety Practices in the European Paper Industy


Presentation of the project
Bernard de Galembert (CEPI)
Jorma Rusanen (industriAll-Europe)

The German H&S priorities
Kai-Michael Sch?fer (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales)

Presentation of good practices
Erwin Heijnsbroek (Verbond P&K)
Inès Chacon (ASPAPEL)
Wolfgang Bunse (IG BCE)
Michel Morganti (Sofidel)
Miguel Angel Gaitán (FITAG-UGT)

Importance of H&S in paper mills: reactions from H&S managers
Jens Borge (Norske Skogindustrier)
Bud Hudspith (Unite the Union)

? Working together for risk pre-vention ? campaign
Cristina Comunian (EU-OSHA)



Christina Comunian (EU-OSHA), Teresa Presas (CEPI),? Christer Larsson (Pappers)


Peter Schuld, (IG BCE)