Kilian Gross, Acting Head of Unit, European Commission


Since 2014 Kilian Gross is Acting Head of Unit of Unit A/1 within DG ENER which is dealing with energy policy coordination, planning and programming and legal questions. The Unit has in particular prepared the Energy Roadmap 2050 and the Energy Framework for 2030. Between 2010 and 2014 Kilian Gross acted as Deputy Head of Unit in the same Unit where he mainly took care of the legal work which comprised infringement procedures against Member States and legal advice.

Before joining DG ENER in 2010 Kilian Gross was a member of the Legal Service of the European Commission. He was mainly responsible for tax issues and later for state aid files. In the later function he was involved in all state aid aspects of the Climate Change Package of 2008 namely the Environmental State Aid Guidelines and the Renewable Energy Directive. Kilian Gross was agent on behalf of the Commission in an important number of cases before the European jurisdictions.

Kilian Gross started his professional career as an in house lawyer mainly for competition law issues.

Kilian Gross is a German lawyer by training with a strong specialisation in European and international law.

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